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      IS090001 system certification enterprise

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      Foshan Kezhen Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of thermal spraying equipment; on-site construction of wear-resisting, high-temperature resistant and anti-corrosion. It is a member of China Surface Engineering Association and a member of the National Thermal Spraying Collaborative Group. It has the first-class qualification for thermal spraying engineering construction.

      Manufacturing and sales: arc spraying, plasma spraying, zinc spraying machine, aluminum spraying machine, copper spraying machine, metal wire melting machine, welded pipe zinc filling machine, flame wire spraying, automatic aluminum spraying production line, painting robot, sand blasting Machine and other thermal spraying equipment.

      Thermal spraying layer processing: undertake surface thermal spray zinc spray aluminum anti-corrosion construction such as machinery manufacturing, aerospace, energy and water power, mining metallurgy, petrochemical, municipal construction, large steel structure; dyeing, papermaking, printing machine drum, automobile and other parts Surface wear-resistant high temperature protective coating and recovery size on-site processing.

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