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    1. KZ-600B push arc spraying machine
    2. KZ-600B push arc spraying machine
    3. KZ-600B push arc spraying machine

    KZ-600B push arc spraying machine

    1. 詳細信息

    K2-600B high-power secondary atomizing arc spraying zinc and aluminum spraying machine is a combination of wire feeding, power supply and gas. The equipment is easy to operate and safe.

    The barrier rate is low. The spray coating is well integrated with the substrate, and the positive and negative DC currents of the power supply are stably and reliably transmitted to the two metal wires in the spray gun (electricity

    The flow can reach 600A, the voltage is 24-45V), the conductivity of each conductive part is good, and the sprayed particles are even and fine after atomization. Spray arc is stable, no arc break, hit

    Guns and other phenomena.

    Spray speed (aluminum spray) 18kg (h)

    Spray area (aluminum spray) 30m2/h (100 u m)

    Spraying speed (spraying) 60kg (h)

    Spray area (spraying) 56m2/h (100 u m)


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