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    1. High speed arc spraying machine
    2. High speed arc spraying machine
    3. High speed arc spraying machine
    4. High speed arc spraying machine

    High speed arc spraying machine

    1. 詳細信息

    Arc spraying machine is mainly used in ships, bridges, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, mining machinery manufacturing, petroleum, petrochemical metallurgy, port construction, light industry, aircraft system

    Preparation of surface repair of steel structures for corrosion protection and wear or machining errors in the fields of construction, rolling stock, instrumentation, precision manufacturing, electronics industry, etc.

    Capacitive conductive coatings, etc.

    Main spraying materials:

    Zinc, aluminum, copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, babbitt, lead and alloy materials.

    According to the production needs of different working conditions, the spray gun can be fixed on the machine tool to spray large regular workpieces.


    Good spray coating quality, high spray efficiency

    High density, high efficiency and energy saving

    Strong bonding force, easy to operate and safe


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