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        Filter dust collector

        1. 詳細信息

        Performance characteristics

        The dust collector adopts a high-efficiency folding filter cartridge as a filter core, so the whole machine has the advantages of small wind resistance, low energy consumption, large wind passage area, small floor space, low installation cost, high dust filtration efficiency, etc., and is aimed at sandblasting and spraying. A professional dust-removing product designed for the harmful dust generated by the zinc production process. This product can meet the dust collection and treatment of multi-process in the production workshop, minimize the escape of industrial dust harmful to human health, and ensure the clean working environment of the workshop. Neat, reduce industrial environmental pollution, reduce the incidence of occupational diseases, and ensure business efficiency!


        1. Adopt the advanced PLC pulse programming controller to preset the running program, and regularly quantify the automatic pulse jet cleaning to ensure that the dust removal system is continuously in the best working condition and effectively improve the equipment operation level;

        2. Install explosive pulse backflushing nozzle, pulse boosting, optimize airflow, 3600 high pressure backflushing, clearer cleaning, and more efficient filtration;

        3. The filter core adopts imported filter cartridge, which has high purification efficiency and can achieve 99.8% for sub-micron dust filtration efficiency;

        4. The performance is reliable, the structure is compact and practical, the running resistance is small, and the energy loss of the dust removal system is greatly saved;

        5. Module combination, easy to install, flexible expansion, easy maintenance, low maintenance costs.

        The product is used for: dust generated by sandblasting, zinc spraying, aluminum spraying, arc spraying, plasma spraying and other equipment work.

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